Farhoud Meybodi is a managing partner at Wayfarer Entertainment. He oversees ideation, strategy, and sales for Wayfarer’s creative projects, focusing on expanding the company’s unique “chocolate-covered broccoli” storytelling model into new frontiers.

Prior to joining Wayfarer, Farhoud worked his way up the ranks at a renowned luxury eyewear company, quickly rising from sales assistant to the head of North American and Western European sales. But at the height of his success, Farhoud had an epiphany. His work in the fashion industry was becoming less and less fulfilling. At his core, Farhoud wanted to create —to tell stories that would inspire people to open up to the majesty of the human experience. It was then that Farhoud began traveling into remote parts of the world, living with the indigenous and photographing their daily life. After a life changing journey to the eastern rainforest of Peru, Farhoud made the decision to walk away from the fashion industry and all the material elements that were clouding his life. That’s when he started writing. 

After spending a year immersed in screenwriting books, Farhoud created his first television show entitled AntiSocial. While he received several competitive offers on the property, he ended up partnering with a well known producer at a major studio. Ultimately, the project never got off the ground -- but this was his first lesson in the ways of Hollywood. Thankfully, the experience connected him with an agent and manager who assisted in getting the rest of Farhoud's passion projects into the marketplace. From there, Farhoud continued writing, optioning book properties, and creating shows focused on stories that not only inspired and entertained, but also shed light on the realities of the human experience. In a twist of fate akin to one of his shows, Farhoud was invited to a Christmas celebration at the home of Wayfarer co-founder and CEO Justin Baldoni, where he first met Ahmed Musiol, Sam Baldoni, and the rest of the Wayfarer family. Almost instantly, there was an electric connection and a shared sense of purpose for the group — celebrating and elevating the human experience through the magic of visual storytelling. Wayfarer is best known for My Last Days, an award winning viral documentary series that garnered over forty five million views and went down in history as the most watched YouTube documentary series of all time. The following day, Farhoud officially joined the company. 

Since joining the Wayfarer family in January of 2015, Farhoud has collaborated with co-founders Justin Baldoni and Ahmed Musiol on all aspects of operations, business development, and strategic partnerships for the company. He assisted with sales and deal-making for the second season of My Last Days, which aired on the CW network as a three night special — also writing and executive producing the series. Farhoud worked alongside Wayfarer’s CEO, Justin Baldoni, in developing and selling the The CW on CWGOOD, the first broadcast platform focused on doing good, being good, and feeling good. Farhoud developed and executive produced Chefs Without Borders, a global travel docu-series, sponsored by the UN World Food Programme and Yum! Brands that features renowned chef Curtis Stone and his wife Lindsay Price immersing themselves in the cultures of indigenous people around the developing world. Farhoud directed, produced, and developed JunkFood, a viral PSA series about food waste in America. Starring Jane the Virgin’s Brett Dier and two Michelin star chef Josiah Citrin, the series was sponsored by the Ad Council, NRDC, and Hope Street Group. Farhoud also produced the Ask Alba branded spots, which were sponsored by the CW and Planned Parenthood for Refinery 29. The spots feature Jane the Virgin’s Ivonne Coll playing the role of Alba while highlighting the importance of sexual education. 

He is currently in pre production on Project Upgrade, a digital series he created, which features YouTube megastar iJustine as she works with a team of brilliant female engineers to bring the most fantastical consumer products they can dream up into reality.